Month: July 2011

Dr. Julianne Wayne Distinguished Author

The Journal of Social Work Education (JSWE) has chosen the article “Field Education as the Signature Pedagogy of Social Work Education” as the JSWE Best Conceptual Article of 2010. JSWE Best Article Award winners, Julianne Wayne, Marion Bogo, and Miriam Raskin will be honored at a Reviewers Reception at the Council on Social Work Education’s Annual Program Meeting in Atlanta in October 2011.

Dr. Julianne Wayne, Director of Field Education

In choosing the best conceptual article, the JSWE Editorial Board looks for originality of thought, sound or innovative conceptualization of the topic, and conclusions and/or recommendations that add significantly to the professional knowledge base and to social work education. Lorraine M. Gutierrez, Editor in Chief noted “that this was a particularly valuable article on an important topic where little conceptual work has been done.”

Co-Directors of the Economic and Social Rights Group of the UConn Human Rights Institute Appointed

Dr. Kathryn Libal (Social Work) and Dr. David Richards (Political Science/Human Rights Institute) are the new co-directors of the Economic and Social Rights Group (ESRG) of the UConn Human Rights Institute.

Dr. Kathryn Libal
Dr. David Richards
They will serve for a 3-year term effective Fall 2011, succeeding co-founders Dr. Alanson Minkler (Economics) and Dr. Shareen Hertel (Political Science/Human Rights) in this role.

The ESRG is an interdisciplinary group of UConn faculty, graduate students and affiliates that meet bi-monthly to share ongoing research and to foster scholarship on economic and social rights. Over the past five years, the group has had a high level of activity including hosting an annual workshop, forging a relationship with the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative in New York City, and promoting faculty publications and research grant applications.

In announcing the appointments, Dr. Richard Wilson, Director of the Human Rights Institute, looks forward to David and Kathy continuing to advance scholarly inquiry on economic and social rights and to leading the ESRG in new and exciting directions.

Heller Reappointed to CSWE Practice Council

Dr. Nina Rovinelli Heller has been reappointed to a second 3 year term on the Practice Council of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

Dr. Nina Rovinelli Heller

The Council on Practice Methods and Specializations is a council of the Commission on Educational Policy. The Council recommends strategies and cultivates relationships with professional agencies and individuals to increase practitioner participation in CSWE. Additionally, the council identifies and addresses issues relevant to the preparation of students for social work practice.

The charge of the commission on Practice Methods and Specializations is focused on developing practitioner and agency linkages with CSWE and to facilitating practitioner participation in the Council; recommending strategies for increased practitioner membership; and identifying concerns and issues, and developing recommendations related to the educational preparation for social work practice.

Carlos Rivera MSW ’94 Takes New Position in Austin, Texas

With 21 years of experience in the health and wellness field and demonstrating a proven skill for innovation, performance management and leadership, Carlos Rivera MSW ’94 was tapped to be the new Director of Health and Human Services in Austin, Texas. In his new position, Carlos will supervise a staff of more than 500 in a department with an operating budget of approximately $64 million.

Carlos Rivera, MSW '94

“We are so happy for your success and sad for our loss. Your new position speaks highly of your leadership and contributions to the City of Hartford. The School of Social Work continues to be very proud of you,” says Dean Salome Raheim.

Appointed Director of Health and Human Services for the City of Hartford in 2007, Carlos oversaw a range of services including community and senior services, disease prevention, health promotion, environmental health, maternal and child health, and arts and culture. In 2008, he chaired a task force that studied the needs of uninsured residents in Hartford. Healthcare providers, insurers, medical experts and community leaders came together to explore ways for the city of Hartford to partner with the private sector in the hopes of improving health outcomes in the community. The findings of the group’s work led to the “Healthy Hartford Campaign”, a city-wide initiative that focused on building model programs that improve health outcomes for all residents. This campaign received the Surgeon General’s “Champion Award” for addressing childhood obesity in Hartford.

Additional information on Carlos Rivera can be found on our Alumni Leaders Making a Difference page.

Faculty Appointed to CSWE Commissions

Two faculty are recognized by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) for their knowledge, experience and talent.

Scott Harding, PhD
Lirio Negroni, Phd

Dr. Lirio Negroni has been appointed as a member of the CSWE Commission for Diversity and Social and Economic Justice for a 3-year term effective July 1, 2011. This Commission promotes inclusion, equity, social and economic justice, and the integration of knowledge of how the multiple aspects of human diversity intersect in social work education. The Commission works directly with all units of CSWE addressing issues such as the impacts of oppression and power and privilege.

Dr. Scott Harding has been appointed to the CSWE Council on Global Learning, Research, and Practice for a 3-year term beginning July 1, 2011. The goals of the Commission include developing the CSWE agenda for understanding and stimulating the international aspects of social work education, promoting the competency of social workers in international practice and identifying key global issues and events and their impact on social work education.