African-American Faculty & Staff Meet with UConn President Susan Herbst

African-American faculty and staff throughout the University were guests of UConn President Susan Herbst at a luncheon at the African-American Cultural Center on May 24, 2012.

Barris Malcolm, Kimberly Hardy, President Susan Herbst, Cheryl Jackson-Morris and Gloria Robinson
The event was an opportunity to meet the President and to discuss issues related to the recruitment and retention of talented African-American faculty, staff and students to enrich the University community. Those in attendance were able to hear her vision. President Herbst shared that while the incoming Vice-Provost for Diversity would be charged with accomplishing this goal, we all have a role to play by engaging in outreach to find those individuals through our established networks who can help the University grow. The President made special note that the School of Social Work leads the University in diversity across the board — faculty, staff, and students.