MSW Alum and Current Ph.D. Student Appointed to State Task Force

Dwight Norwood MSW ‘07 has been appointed by House Speaker Christopher Donovan to a State Task Force to Study “Aging in Place”. Norwood is a Ph.D. student at the UConn SSW, the Director of St. Luke’s Eldercare Services Gatekeeper program and a consultant to mental health agencies throughout the state implementing Gatekeeper programs. In addition, Dwight is a member of NASW/CT’s Committee on Aging. The chapter submitted his name for this important appointment.

Dwight Norwood, MSW ’07

“Senior citizens comprise the fastest growing segment of Connecticut’s population because a large number of people are reaching that age, and because senior citizens live longer now than ever before, and there simply aren’t enough assisted living and nursing home beds to accommodate everybody,” said Senator Edith Prague (MSW ‘75) sponsor of the bill. “This task force will map out a strategy to help shift our culture toward widespread home care, because we know that’s where most seniors undeniably prefer to be, and then ensure the home care available is safe and affordable.”

The study will examine infrastructure and transportation improvements, zoning changes to facilitate home care, enhanced nutrition programs and delivery options, improved fraud and abuse protections, expansion of home medical care options, tax incentives, and incentives for private insurance. The Task Force is to report its findings to the Legislature no later than January 1, 2013.

Dwight established the Gatekeeper program at St. Luke’s in 2009. It is now sponsored by the CT Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services statewide. “This is the first statewide program of its kind in the US and I’m proud to have been instrumental in its establishment,” said Dwight.