News from Briggitte Brown, MSW ‘11

After graduation, Briggitte Brown, MSW ’11 accepted a position at the Village for Families and Children as a multi-dimensional family therapist where she provides in home substance abuse services to adolescents and their families. According to Briggitte, “this position is very intensive and fuels more of a fire in me to assist in changing systems on a macro level”. Briggitte Brown, MSW 2011
Briggitte continues to be involved in the New Britain community. In October 2011, her husband was elected Alderman-at-Large. In January 2012, Mayor Tim O’Brien appointed Briggitte to be one of five Police Commissioners for the City of New Britain. She is also the only Latina on the board and one of three women. Briggitte is also the Chairperson of the North/Oak Neighborhood Revitalization Zone and a member of the Student Governance Council of Smalley Academy.

In August, Briggitte will leave The Village to begin a new position as a community organizer for the City of New Britain. A position created by the Mayor especially for her.

“I am so excited about my journey thus far. I miss my professors and staff at UConn. If I have accomplished this much after only 1 ½ years, I can’t wait for what the future holds for me. I am so thankful to you all.”