Dr. Edna Comer Receives UConn Women of Color Award

Associate Professor Edna Comer received the UConn Women of Color Recognition Award at a special luncheon on March 6, 2013. She was selected for this award for her outstanding contributions to the University and for excellence in leadership, achievement and service. Dr. Comer is known for advancing evidenced based practice in the MSW curriculum, leading the School of Social Work’s participation in the Urban Service Track, and teaching group work in the Department of Psychiatry.
Kathleen Holgerson, Director, UConn Women’s Center; Gay Douglas; Edna Comer; Sharon White; Manisha Desai, Associate Professor of Women’s Studies and Sociology and the keynote speaker at the luncheon.

Joining Dr. Comer as recipients of the 2013 Women of Color Award are Gay Douglas, Associate Director of the UConn Office of Student Services and Advocacy and Sharon White, Stamford Campus Director.