Month: November 2016

Dr. Fisher’s Pioneering Study Published in Chinese

Robert Fisher, Ph.D.

Robert Fisher’s pioneering study of the history of community organizing in the United States in the 20th century has just come out in a Chinese edition.  This new edition of Let The People Decide: Neighborhood Organizing in America was translated by Lin Meng, a political science professor, and published by  Commercial Publishers (Beijing).Book Cover Image

SSW Well Represented at the United Nations

Professor Lynne Healy
Lynne Healy
Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor

The School of Social Work has students and faculty engaged in important work at the United Nations.

Dr. Lynne Healy, UConn Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor and faculty emerita, is the International Association of Schools of Social Work’s (IASSW) Main Representative. She recently presented at the UN’s High Level Political forum on sustainable development.

Rebecca L. Thomas, PhD
Rebecca Thomas
Associate Professor


Dr. Rebecca Thomas, Director of the Center for International Social Work Studies, is an IASSW rep and is involved with the Committee on Migration and the newly formed migration subcommittee on climate change. In addition, the SSW has two MSW students completing their internships with the IASSW at the United Nations.


Berzins and Cornwell
IASSW Interns Chelsea Cornwell (left) and Melanie Berzins

Chelsea Cornwell is a second year MSW student with a concentration in Administration and a focused area of study in International Issues. She is also working on a Master’s degree in Disaster Resiliency Leadership at Tulane University. Chelsea has traveled to thirteen countries across the Middle East, Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe and West Africa.

Melanie Berzins is a first year MSW student with a concentration in Policy Practice and a focused area of study in International Social Work. Melanie’s experience includes teaching English and civics to immigrants studying for the U.S. naturalization exam and volunteering in community development projects in Guatemala.

SSW Showcasing Expertise and Research on National Stage

CSWE APMMore than twenty-five SSW faculty, doctoral students, alumni, and staff are at the Council on Social Work Education’s Annual Program Meeting (APM) in Atlanta, Georgia. This impressive group will be presenting on a variety of topics including voter participation, mandated clients and empowerment, racism and oppression in social work classrooms, human rights, effects of US immigration policy on children, ethics through a macro lens, and justice involved women. With nearly 3000 educators, students, and practitioners in attendance, the APM provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the School’s expertise and research. Staff will be in the exhibit hall, along with more than one-hundred other schools of social work and related organizations, eager to share information about the UConn SSW’s programs and initiatives.