MSW Part-Time Cohort Program – FAQs

The Master in Social Work (MSW) Part-Time Cohort Program provides students with the opportunity to complete their MSW degree in three years with a cohort of approximately 12-20 students. Students will take an average of three courses per semester. A cohort program is one in which students work together with the same group of students all the way through to receiving their degree. This offers the predictability and consistency of learning among the same group of people. In this program students take a fixed schedule of evening and some weekend courses, which provides flexibility for those who have obligations during daytime hours. Only students that select the Individuals, Groups, and Families (IGFP) concentration will be able to participate in the Part-Time Cohort Program. Students will take the field placement requirement in the final two years of their program. The field placement would primarily occur during the hours of 9-5.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cohort program?

A cohort program is one in which the same group of students take the same courses and work together all the way through to receiving their degree. The cohort experience allows students to develop deeper bonds and connections with a group of students. The predictability and consistency of cohort experiences support students’ learning across the curriculum and field placements.

What is the length of the Part-Time Cohort Program?

The Part-Time Cohort Program is a three-year program. The academic year runs from the end of August to the beginning of May. There are no summer courses in this Part-Time Cohort Program.

Will I get the same curriculum in the Part-Time Cohort Program as in the regular program?

You will receive the same curriculum as in the full-time program or three- and four-year part-time programs.

Will I have the option of the three concentrations -- Individuals, Groups and Families (IGFP), Policy Practice (POPR), Community Organization (CORG) -- that are offered in the MSW program.

At this time, students in the Part-Time Cohort Program can only take the Individuals, Groups and Families (IGFP) concentration.

Will I be able to choose the courses I want?

The MSW program has a set of required courses that all students must take. Students cannot take these courses at times other than what is scheduled for the Part-Time Cohort Program. Additionally, all students choose three electives from the regular offering of courses for all students.  All students must take the required field education (field placement) requirement.

Can I take a course at another time other than what is listed in the Part-Time Cohort Program schedule?

This is not an option. The Part-Time Cohort Program is designed for all students in the program to take all courses at the time it is offered for the cohort. Students take all courses together.

Can I be guaranteed a field placement during the evenings or weekends?

This is not possible. At this time field placements will be primarily during the hours of 9 and 5.  Most field agencies have the level of supervision and staff support we deem appropriate for student learning during the 9-5 hours.

What if I need to take a break for a semester or a year?  Will I still be in the Part-Time Cohort program?

Students that need to take a leave of absence for a semester will likely need to leave the cohort program.  There are options to take remaining courses through our regular part-time program.

Students that need to take a leave of absence for a year will come out of the cohort that they started with.  They may have the option of joining a new cohort if there are seats available.  Students will always have the option of taking their remaining courses through our regular part-time program.

How much does the Part-Time Cohort Program cost?

Students in the Part-Time Cohort Program will enroll in a minimum of 9 credits a semester, which will count them as full-time status under university standards. Full-time status students will pay a tuition rate for each year of the program.

How do I apply for the Part-Time Cohort Program?

Applicants will complete and submit an online application. Guidance on the various components of the application can be found on the Apply for MSW page.

Does the Part-Time Cohort Program have different qualifications than the other MSW program options?

The Part-Time Cohort Program does not have different qualifications from the other MSW program options.

Why was I not accepted to the Part-Time Cohort program?

Applicants may not be accepted to the Part-Time Cohort Program if we have exceeded our seat capacity for this program. We have a 20-seat maximum for this program. Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis; therefore, we recommend that applicants submit their applications as soon as possible. If we exceed our seat capacity, applicants may be placed on a waiting list or given the option of participating in the regular part-time program.