Covid-19 Information

    We are dedicated to working together with public health experts and our state to maintain a quality UConn educational experience while keeping our community healthy. UConn is committed to transparency as it communicates information pertaining to COVID-19 to all members of our community. 

    The UConn School of Social work follows all University COVID-19 guidelines. Students, faculty, and staff who test positive for Covid-19 must follow University and School of Social Work policies and procedures depending on whether they are participating in in-person classes, remote learning, or field placements. View FAQs for prospective and incoming students and regarding field education below.

    Exposure (or Potential Exposure) to Covid-19 and Field Placements

    If I test positive for COVID-19 or must quarantine, how will this affect my field placement?

    • A student who tests positive for Covid-19 should immediately stop going in person to their field placement and should self-quarantine in accordance with their physician’s instructions. The student should alert their field instructor and faculty advisor immediately and notify the field agency of their status.
    • The field placement agency may have their own guidelines regarding exposure, contact tracing, or other steps that the student should follow.

    Disruptions to the Field Placement

    What should I do if my Field Placement in an agency or field unit is disrupted during the year?

    It is possible that some field placements may be disrupted during the year due to various factors, including Covid-19. If that happens, affected students should discuss a plan with their field instructor and advisor, which may involve remote field experiences provided by the agency (e.g., telehealth or remote field activities).

    *If a placement is disrupted due to noncompliance to OCPC university requirements, students are not able to attend in person or remotely until clearance is provided by OCPC.