MSW Academic Advising

Individual advising of students is a central part of the educational experience at the School of Social Work. Advising enables students to make sound educational decisions about their graduate education with the assistance, knowledge and experience of professional social work educators. The purpose of advising is to assist the student in maximizing the learning opportunities in course work and field education. Advising also serves the function of assuring the consistency and quality in field placements and to ensure that the program’s educational goals are being met. Advising also supports the individual student in developing and carrying out the course selection guide and in identifying and resolving academic and other difficulties should they occur. The faculty advisor is expected to be familiar with the student’s class and field performance and overall professional goals and development.

All graduate students are assigned a faculty/staff advisor approximately the second week of classes. Under special circumstances, a student may request a change of advisor. The approval of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs is required.

The two components of the advising process are academic advising and advising as it relates to field education. Academic advising involves assistance to the student on curriculum issues and meeting other program requirements, such as developing a course selection guide. As a way to ensure the program requirements are met, please use the course check list below that applies to you as a resource.

MSW Course Checklist

For further information on the role of the faculty advisor and field instructors, refer to the Field Education Manual which is given out to students each fall, or speak to the chairperson of your method concentration.