Angela Bellas, MSW

Angela Bellas, MSW is centering her dissertation research on exploring the Black Lives Matter movement as a 21st century liberation movement. Angela is interested in how the movement draws on the civil rights and Black liberation movements in the U.S. and anti-colonial liberation movements globally.

The Black Lives Matter platform is inclusive of women, queer folks, and people living with disabilities in its commitment to ending anti-black racism. Angela is interested in exploring the holistic transformative justice that the Black Lives Matter movement is working towards; the strategies employed; and in understanding the motivations and aspirations of activists committing their time and lives to this transformative justice work. She is interested in understanding what liberation truly means within the context of the Black Lives Matter movement and exploring the roles of social workers and white allies in deconstructing white supremacy and ending racism in its many forms.

University of Connecticut

Research Interests:
Social Movements
Liberation based Community Organizing
Black Lives Matter Movement
Sustainable Community Economic Development
Anti-oppression Curriculum in Social Work Education
Impact of White Privilege on Community Organizing

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Angela Bellas, MSW
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