Christopher Morse, LICSW, MVF-ASW

Christopher Morse, MSW, has spent the majority of his adult life in and around the military and veteran population. Since enlisting in 1991, he has served the military population both as a service member and clinician.  Chris began his career at the Providence Vet Center in 2005 following his deployment to Iraq. Since then, he has served the military and veteran population as a readjustment counselor and outreach worker, a social worker, and an advocate for veterans’ issues. He was the co-chair of the Peer Support Sub- Committee of the RI Veteran’s Task Force, and has given multiple presentations and trainings to service members and clinicians on PTSD, depression, and other readjustment issues. In 2013, he was named as one of the team leaders for the Vet Center’s deployment to Boston, MA following the Boston Marathon bombings and coordinated outreach and psychological first aid to veterans and the community-at-large.  He is currently a readjustment counseling therapist at the Providence Vet Center.

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