Cindy Dubuque-Gallo, LMSW, MAT

Cindy Dubuque-Gallo, LMSW, MAT is a long-time social justice advocate and political activist.  She has served on numerous boards and commissions including the San Francisco Human Rights Advisory Board and the Hartford Commission for LGBT Issues.  Cindy is passionate about political social work and has spoken at the Nancy Humphrey’s Campaign School for Political Social for nearly a decade.  Additionally, Cindy has worked as a lobbyist and consultant, promoting social welfare policies to increase workers’ wages, to end homelessness to improve health equity and healthcare.

As a doctoral student, Cindy’s research will focus on religion and spirituality as predictors of voter participation and civic engagement with the goal of increasing voting amongst marginalized populations.  This interest emerged while conducting voter registration and speaking with hundreds of Connecticut residents during the 2018 election cycle.

Research Interests:

Voting and Civic Engagement
Social Welfare Policies
Political Social Work
Religion and Spirituality
Spiritual Social Work


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Cindy Dubuque-Gallo, LMSW, MAT
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