F. Tony Bonadio, PhD

Assistant Research Professor

Innovations Institute

Tony Bonadio, PhD, is an Assistant Research Professor at Innovations Institute, University of Connecticut School of Social Work. Dr. Bonadio primarily focuses on the implementation and evaluation of evidence-based interventions in public behavioral health and child welfare systems. He works closely with the National Wraparound Implementation Center (NWIC) to support the implementation and evaluation of care coordination models across multiple states. Additionally, he brings extensive expertise in leveraging administrative data to support system redesign and outcome monitoring for public child-serving systems. He partners with states to provide technical assistance for evaluation planning, fidelity monitoring, and continuous quality improvement processes that help systems of care identify barriers and facilitators of implementation and support data-informed decision making. His research interests include the use of person-centered approaches to explore differential patterns of service utilization and outcomes across service arrays as well as the development and implementation of data-informed decision making in behavioral health settings. Tony holds a PhD in clinical psychology from Bowling Green State University.

Research Interests:

• Tiered care coordination
• Data-informed decision
• Care pathway analyses
• Measurement development
• Implementation science

F. Tony Bonadio
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