Kelsi Carolan, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Kelsi Carolan, Assistant Professor, is a licensed clinical social worker. She completed her PhD at the Boston University School of Social Work and received a Master of Social Work degree from Boston College. Her research investigates how systemic inequities degrade quality of life in the context of chronic disease and disability, with a particular interest in access to employment, social support, and disability-related stigma and discrimination.

As a medical social worker, Dr. Carolan saw firsthand how the social determinants of health shape individual and family experiences within and beyond medical settings. These experiences engendered a drive to pursue social justice through research and teaching that advances health equity and disability inclusion. A qualitative and mixed methods researcher, she values participatory approaches to research that position the expertise of community members at the forefront. Dr. Carolan teaches in the Individuals, Groups, and Families concentration.

Research Interests:
Chronic disease and physical disability
Social determinants of health
Access to employment
Disability stigma
Interventions to improve quality of life in the context of chronic disease


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Kelsi Carolan
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