Kimberly Estep, MA

Director for Systems Design and Implementation Strategies and Assistant Extension Professor

Innovations Institute

Kimberly Estep, MA is faculty and Director for Systems Design and Implementation Strategies at Innovations Institute. Ms. Estep is responsible for supporting and managing state, organization, and provider efforts around systems development/reform, health care reform, child serving system workforce development initiatives, wraparound implementation, tiered care coordination, mobile response and stabilization, peer parent support, and dissemination and implementation approaches for installation of evidence-based practices and improved quality of existing practices. Ms. Estep partners with states in analyzing current structures and care pathways for families to identify and plan around needed infrastructure including policy, procedures, financing, workforce development, electronic health records, data collection and analysis, continuous quality improvement, and more recently focusing on technology integrated care. She has extensive experience in providing individualized training and technical assistance (TTA) and partners with family and youth leaders in designing and delivering TTA, as well as incorporating youth/family/consumer voice in policy and practice. She also supports establishment of ongoing system level oversight processes that include comprehensive quality assurance measures for newly designed approaches to care pathways for youth and their families. She has trained and presented across the country on dissemination and implementation, system of care reform, and tiered care coordination installation with individualized, intensive, large-scale statewide support provided to over 20 states. This work includes identification of gaps in system design and practice leading to the development and adaptation of TTA workplans to include best practices for workforce development and increased cultural competencies related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Kim holds an MA in clinical psychology from the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

Research Interests:

  • Tiered Care Coordination
  • Implementation Science
  • Wraparound,
  • Mobile Response and Stabilization
  • Care Pathway establishment implementation and monitoring
Kimberly Estep
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