Rupal Parekh, PhD

Assistant Professor

Rupal Parekh, PhD is an Assistant Professor. She has over a decade of professional and practice experience working with diverse older adult populations across the continuum of care. Her primary research aim is to improve outcomes for late-life immigrants, with particular attention to the role of the built environment on social isolation. Her research advocates for the development of culturally-grounded assessment tools, evidence-based practices, and national and state legislation to address the needs of older adults at the intersection of social isolation, multiple health issues, and structural and social barriers. Rupal is the Principle Investigator of “Sahanshakti & Mental Well-Being in the Lives of Older Asian Indian Immigrant Women in the United States,” funded by the Okura Mental Health Leadership Foundation Grant and the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE) and “Barriers to Transportation and the Impact on Quality of Life Among Non-English Speaking, Older Asian Indian Immigrant Populations” funded by The National Institute for Transportation and Communities. Dr. Parekh teaches courses in research methods and social policy.

Research Interests
Social Isolation and Older Adults
The Built Environment and Transportation Disadvantage
Late-Life Migration and Mental Health
Elder Orphans and Aging Alone
Social Work and Public Policy

Curriculum Vitae

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Rupal Parekh
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Phone(959) 200-3627
Office LocationRoom 317 HSSW