Yvonne Mbewe, LCSW

Yvonne Mbewe, LCSW originally from Lusaka, Zambia, intends to employ qualitative research tools to assess the trauma experienced by immigrant/refugee youth separated from their guardians during the migration process. She will seek to identify varied impacts including but not limited to psychological, behavioral, and social trends that will influence the family system post separation. Yvonne will investigate government response to address child separation, what social service systems can encourage healthy youth identity formation, and which interventions are still necessary for newly orphaned and typically undocumented children.

Yvonne’s desire to be a catalyst for social change was influenced by her work as an advocate for youth engaged with the juvenile detention system and children victimized by sexual human trafficking. These transformative experiences culminated in Yvonne’s completion of a Masters in Social Work at New York University. Yvonne has dedicated her career working globally and on a domestic level with immigrants/refugees impacted by HIV/AIDS, undomiciled substance users, financial and educational empowerment of women, and managing the social emotional learning needs of students and families in multiple New York City public schools. Dedicated to education and the social work profession, Yvonne currently serves as an Adjunct Lecturer with Columbia University’s School of Social Work. This year, Yvonne was awarded the illustrious Harriot Fellowship.

New York University’s Silver School of Social Work

Research Interests:
Forced Migration                                             
Unaccompanied Immigrant Youth Trauma
Immigrant/Refugee Focused Interventions        
International Social Work
Positive Youth Identity Formation                    
Women’s Empowerment
Social Work Political Advocacy                       
Intersectionality of Poverty & Race
Leadership Practices in Academic Settings        
Grief, Loss, & Bereavement

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