Summer Block

The School of Social Work offers a block second-year placement for qualified Individual, Group, and Family Practice (IGFP) students.  In this arrangement, students complete their advanced year field placement over the summer, from early May to late August. Students complete a total of 560 hours in field, usually 35 hours per week for 16 weeks.  Students also take the final two concentration courses (IGFP 5302 and 5303) concurrently with the block placement.

Students must indicate their intention to apply for Summer Block by the end of the fall semester. If there is not sufficient interest, the School will not accept any applications for Summer Block.

Students must apply for the Summer Block program and must be approved by the chair of the IGFP concentration. The program will be offered only if there are enough qualified students.

Applicants should be aware that the block placement is extremely demanding and intensive.  It is not possible to have an Employed Placement in a block format.

Criteria for Summer Block

The Summer Block program begins in early May, so students must have completed their first field placement by this time. Acceptance into the Summer Block program is based solely on educational appropriateness. To qualify for the block placement, students must demonstrate their readiness through exceptional work in the classroom and in their field placement. Students must provide evidence of strong practice skills, as well as the ability to reflect critically on their practice.

Applicants for Summer Block should have successfully completed all but the final two concentration courses (IGFP 5302 and 5303) and have no “I” (incomplete) grades. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, with greater weight given to concentration/practice courses, and demonstrate exceptional performance in the first-year field placement. They also must be in a 20-hour placement in order to complete their foundation year field placement prior to the beginning of Summer Block.

Application Process

Students should first discuss their interest in Summer Block placement with their advisor. Dual degree students should also meet with Carlton Jones ( Students then complete the application package. The application consists of the following materials:

Step One

Gather the materials before you begin the Summer Block Application Form (see below).

  • Advisor Recommendation Form, to be completed by the advisor assigned to you during your first field placement. Please ask your advisor to email the form to You will need to sign a release of information if you request a letter from a UConn faculty or staff member.  The Release Form for Letter of Recommendation can be found at  The completed form should be submitted to the Office of Student and Academic Services (
  • Instructor Recommendation Form, to be completed by your instructor for BASC 5391. Students who were exempted from BASC 5391 should have this form completed by the instructor for their fall practice course (IGFP 5345 or IGFP 5346). Please ask your instructor to email the form to You will need to sign a release of information for this as well. The Release Form for Letter of Recommendation can be found at  The completed form should be submitted to the Office of Student and Academic Services (
  • Completed Course Planning Worksheet, indicating when each course was/will be taken
  • Copy of your most recent field evaluation
  • Updated resume
  • Current transcript. Please download from your student administration account
  • Copies of two process recordings, each on a different case, including a brief case summary of each
  • Written statement. In approximately 4-6 pages, provide a written statement which addresses in depth the following:
    • Your educational rationale for wanting to take a block placement rather than a concurrent placement.
    • Reflections on your practice, including strengths and areas for growth.
    • Reflections on the process recordings included with the application, addressing the following questions:
      • What do you think you did well in this session?
      • What would you do differently?
    • Your preparedness for a block placement (a much more intensive learning experience than the usual concurrent placement), including performance to date in field and in classes.
    • Any recommendations for a specific placement.

Step Two

After you have gathered the materials above, complete and submit the Summer Block Application Form. You will be able to upload all the application materials indicated above in the Application Form.

If accepted into the Summer Block program, students will need to maintain excellent work in field and in their coursework in the spring semester, as demonstrated by the final field evaluation and course grades.