Completed Dissertations


Dr. Maureen Dimock Clark, “Care or Coercion? A Critical Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experience of Involuntary Civil Commitment in Early Adulthood"

Dr. John Lachack, “More than family: Factors that contribute to role ambiguity and role conflict in formal kinship foster parents”         


Dr. Crystal Hayes, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting and Incarcerated: The Childbirth and Pregnancy Experiences of Formerly Incarcerated Black Women”

Dr. Heather LaSelle, “The Impact of School Social Worker Discretion on Mandated Maltreatment Reporting and Disproportionate Outcomes

Dr. Paula Nieman, “What Does it Mean to Be a Social Worker? A Critical Phenomenology of Early Career Baccalaureate Social Work Practitioners”


Dr. Janelle Bryan, “Intimate Partner Violence Screening Among Barbadian Primary Care Professionals: An Exploratory Study of Practitioner Attitudes, Beliefs, Knowledge and Screening

Dr. Denise Jaillet Keane, “The Intersection of Secular Individual Therapy and Religious Beliefs: What is the Impact on the Therapeutic Alliance?”

Dr. Sarah Nightingale, “The Relationship between Campus Climate, Sexual Assault Victimization, and Reporting Sexual Assault to Campus Officials for LGBTQ College Students”

Dr. Lorin Tredinnick, “Informing Sexual Assault Prevention with Student-Athletes: Measuring Bystander Intentions and Awareness of School Policies and Resources”


Dr. Mollie Charter, “MSW Students and Feminist Identity: A Current Picture of Feminist Identity, an Examination of Feminist Identity by Race and Ethnicity, and an Exploration of the Importance of
Feminist Identity”

Dr. Alysse Loomis, “Pathways from Cumulative Adversity to Self-Regulation and Early StudentTeacher Relationships: Identifying a Need for Trauma-Informed Preschools”


Dr. Jennie Albert, “Set Adrift: A Study of Characteristics, Sustainability, and the Lifelines Tethering Connecticut Forensic Social Workers in the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Systems”

Dr. Jesse Capece, “The Effects of Probation Stipulations on Employment Outcomes and Feelings of Employability Among Probationers in Rhode Island”

Dr. Michael Reeves, “A Joke You Can’t Tell: Using Photography to Understand the Lived Experience of Adolescents in Homeless Families”


Dr. Elizabeth Allen, “Justice Involved Women and Redemptive Narratives”

Dr. Jason Ostrander, “To Participate or Not to Participate, That is the Question: A Critical Phenomenological Study of Clinical Social Workers and their Political Participation”

Dr. Adelaide Sandler, “Structural Factors and Voting Decisions by Recipients of Means-Tested Government Assistance Programs, Who are Enrolled in Community Colleges”


Dr. Karen D’Angelo, “Health in Hartford: A Community-Based Participatory Research Project Identifying Solutions to Health Inequities”

Dr. Walter Belsito, “The Lived Experience of Brazilian Immigrants in Connecticut and Crimmigration”

Dr. Michele Eggers, “Embodying Inequality: The Criminalization of Women for Abortion in Chile”

Dr. Jack Lu, “Validating Visibility and Voice: A Community-Based Participatory Research Study to Address the Health Access of Cambodian Americans”


Dr. Karen Brown, “Hearing Officers’ Perceptions of Their Roles in Welfare Organizations”

Dr. William Gilbert, “Correlates of Recovery from Substance Use Disorders”

Dr. Dwight Norwood, “Understanding Social Responsibility Using the Theory of Planned Behavior: The Connecticut Gatekeeper Program”

Dr. Loida Reyes, “Hartford Open Choice Students’ School Engagement: The Role of Individual Characteristics and School Attributes”

Dr. Reinaldo Rojas, “Community Development and its Socioeconomic Impact on a Latino Enclave: A Case Study of the Frog Hollow Neighborhood in Hartford, Connecticut”

Dr. Jennifer Willett, “Experiences of Slow Violence in Poor Kenyan Communities: Micro Disasters, Formalized Aid Responses, and Community Support through Social Networks”

Dr. Hiroki Toi, “Professional Values and Conflict among Social Workers in Prisons: An Examination of Role Stress, Strain, and Job Satisfaction in Working with Inmates with Mental Illness and/or Substance Use Disorders”


Dr. Christina Chiarelli-Helminiak, “I Love My Job, but… Job Satisfaction and Burnout among Forensic Interviewers”

Dr. Yvonne Patterson, “African Descent Women and Condom Use in the United States”


Dr. Ann Patterson, “HealthCare Engagement: Predictors of Engagement into Ambulatory and Support Services among Black and Hispanic Clients Living with HIV/AIDS”


Dr. Kenneth Cunningham, “Development and Validation of a Measure to Identify the Predictors of Recovery-oriented Practice among Social Workers in Public Mental Health and Addiction Agencies”

Dr. Deborah Fisk, “Vulnerability and Health Care Service Use among Homeless Persons with Psychiatric and Co-occurring Disorders”

Dr. Katsura Hirao, “Validation of a New Conceptual Model of School Connectedness and its Assessment Measure”

Dr. Aki Sato, “Social Workers’ Attachment to Their Pets, Organizational Structures, and Their Impact on Professional Assessment Regarding the Roles Pets Play in Clients’ Lives”


Dr. Jill Bradshaw, “Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome: A Comparison of Two Parent Education Programs”

Dr. Emily Cherlin, “Nursing Home Social Workers’ Leadership Competence in End-of-Life Care: Development and Validation of an Instrument”

Dr. Thomas Felke, “It’s Been Twenty Years: The Case of Ethnic Armenian Refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan”

Dr. C. Leah Holmes, “Association of HIV Stigma and Sexual Behavior”

Dr. Lambrine Sideriadis, “Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavioral Intervention Plans: A School Social Work Perspective”


Dr. Catalina Caban-Owen, “A Study of the Acculturation Experiences of Puerto Rican Migrant Women: Manifestations and Meaning Making Process”

Dr. Shannon Lane, “‘Electing the Right people’: A Survey of Elected Social Workers and Candidates”


Dr. Patricia Carlson, “The Influence of Employment Related Supports and Services on Successful TANF Exits: A Sequential Explanatory Mixed Methods Analysis”


Dr. Karen Chartier, “Factors Associated with Alcohol-Related Physical Health by Race and Gender”

Dr. Elizabeth D’Amico, “Social Workers’ Attribution of Responsibility for Child Sexual Abuse”