Female PhD student in class

Funding Opportunities

The Ph.D. program offers four years of funding through Graduate Assistantships, which engage students in research or teaching and provide stipends, health insurance, and tuition.

Mentored Research

Our doctoral students gain valuable research experience working directly with our nationally and internationally known faculty as Graduate Assistants and through faculty-funded research. Working collaboratively with faculty, students acquire applied research skills to become independent researchers and develop the capacity for original scholarship. Through these experiences, doctoral students have opportunities to co-author articles and make scholarly presentations with faculty at professional conferences.

Teaching Opportunities

Opportunities to teach in the MSW and BSW programs are an integral aspect of our doctoral program. Combined with a dedicated course on the theory and practice of teaching, doctoral students gain practical experience as they train to become the next generation of social work educators.

Internal Funding Opportunities

The School of Social Work offers several fellowships and scholarships to support doctoral student research and travel.

External Funding Opportunities

The Office of Research and Scholarship at the SSW provides information about external funding opportunities for doctoral students. Please visit their Research Resources page for information.