School Social Work Program Overview

Help meet the mental health needs of children and adolescents in Connecticut by becoming a school social worker.

Connecticut’s public schools have experienced a rise in the number of students with mental health concerns. The School Social Work Program, supported through a grant from CT Health Horizons, aims to increase the number of Master of Social Work (MSW) students prepared to enter the field of school social work. First- and second-year MSW students are eligible to apply.

Scholarships Available

Only students enrolled in our MSW program can apply for the School Social Work Program. Accepted students are eligible to receive a $10,000 stipend during any year in the program (first, second or Advanced Standing). MSW graduates will be reimbursed $250 for fees paid to pursue their Initial Educator Certification. Students can also apply for the Connecticut ¡Adelante! program, which provides tuition assistance to eligible, matriculated students in the IGFP (Individuals, Groups, and Families) concentration.


Key Elements of the Program

School Social Work Program students agree to:

  • Complete a field placement with Bloomfield or Hartford Public Schools
  • Address students’ mental health needs on micro, mezzo, and macro levels of social work
  • Attend one webinar on School Social Work practice
  • Enroll in the Direct Practice in Schools course (DSEL 5320)


Applicants must meet one of the following criteria:

Prospective students can learn more about our MSW application process and curriculum at our Apply for MSW and MSW Coursework pages.

Accepted and current MSW students must complete the School Social Work Program Application form.

For questions and information, please contact Eunices Pineda.