Alumni Board of Champions

The purpose of the UConn School of Social Work’s Alumni Board of Champions is to assist the Director of Alumni Relations in furthering the School’s desire to maintain and grow solidarity for the School of Social Work Alumni in governance with the mission of The University of Connecticut Foundation, Inc. The Board partners with the Director to promote the School’s achievements, build and strengthen relationships with alumni, and participate in meaningful engagement activities. Board members serve as Champions for the School in the community, advocates for the social work profession, leaders in the community, and active in projects and philanthropy that support student success and further the School’s goals. 


SSW Alumni Board of Champions Members

Jaime W. Seltzer, SSW 1978

Amos L. L. Smith MSW, SSW 1979

Z. Riki Brodey, SSW 1985

Jacqueline L. McLean, SSW 1992 

S. Kim Somaroo-Rodriguez, SSW 2001

Yolanda Leon, CLAS 1998, SSW 2005

Loan T. Nguyen, CLAS 2006, SSW 2008

Kia N. Levey-Burden, SSW 2012 

Emily Henderson, SSW 2013

Tianna L. Hill, SSW 2014

Brandon J. Burke, SSW 2015

Barbie Nadal-Cristofaro, SSW 2016

Natasha Stapleton, SSW 2016

Cassandra M. Marrero, CLAS 2015, SSW 2018

Trel Morrison, SSW 2022 ​