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International Focused Area of Study

The Focused Area of Study in International Issues in Social Work is designed for Master of Social Work (MSW) students who want to include a global perspective in their social work program. International issues specialization is useful for students considering careers in international development; work with immigrants, refugees, or inter-country adoption; advocacy work on global policy issues; and those who wish to broaden their domestic practice competence through understanding social issues internationally. Any student in the program is welcome to apply, including Advanced Standing students.

Before applying, please contact Rebecca Thomas.

International Field Placements

The School of Social Work has established relationships with Armenia/Yerevan State University and Jamaica/University of the West Indies. We continue to build partnerships in other countries through international exchange.

Students can participate in an international field placement during the second semester of their second year and can choose to be abroad for up to the full 14 weeks of the semester. Any classes that students take during this semester would be attended online.

At times students request placement in a particular country of interest where the School of Social Work does not have established partnerships. We make efforts to accommodate these requests.  Successful placement is contingent on developing a working partnership with a School of Social Work in the country/region/city, or with an organization or agency that can support the student and meet their educational needs.  It is most helpful if an MSW-level social worker is available “on the ground” to supervise the student.  We will have to work closely with the UConn Global Affairs Office to facilitate all arrangements related to travel.

International Field Placement Fund

Within the past several years, UConn School of Social Work has received an increase in student requests to do international field placements. Often students are unable to follow through due to financial constraints, which led to the development of a scholarship fund for students doing international field placements.

Dr. Lynne Healy (in conjunction with corporate matching) established a fund for international student placements. Dr. Healy has been an invaluable asset to the development of international social work as a discipline, and her expertise has been vital in making UConn one of the forerunners in international social work education.

Students interested in participating in an international field placement are now able to apply for funding that will help with expenses. For more information, contact Rebecca Thomas.

The fund is not endowed; therefore, scholarship awards will range from $1,500 to $2,000, with student need being evaluated on a case-by-case basis. To donate to this fund, visit the UConn Foundation giving site.