Month: July 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Dawn Trott

Name: Dawn Trott '09 MSW

Profession/Field:  Director of Recovery Services

Bio and Key Accomplishments:  I serve as the director of Recovery Services for Whiting Forensic Hospital, overseeing rehab therapists, occupational therapists, vocational counselors, hairdressing, substance use counselors, and chaplaincy. I also work as a crisis clinician in the St. Francis Emergency Room and a therapist in private practice. I’m blessed to use my degree to serve the most underprivileged, marginalized populations in the state.

Memorable Moment at UConn SSW:  My time at UConn was longer than some peers because I attended part time for years before matriculating. This means I had ample time to get to know staff and peers, learning so much from everyone, from housekeeping to administrators!

Lasting Lessons from UConn SSW:  Besides the fact that I’m still terrible at statistics, I’ve learned so much about my place in the world and being a light for others. I’m so much more able to be present in the moment and not take anything for granted.

Important Influence from UConn SSW:  Peter Papallo was the absolute best faculty member I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. I learned so much about diagnosing and the clinical aspect, but more importantly, how to sit with discomfort and silence.

Alumna Dawn Trott '09 MSW

Alumni Spotlight: Sevasti Galanis

Name:  Sevasti Galanis, '19 MSW

Profession/Field:  Forensic Social Work

Bio and Key Accomplishments:  Seva works full-time for the CT Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services at Whiting Forensic Hospital as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She also works at Turning Leaves Counseling as a psychotherapist part-time. Her experience after graduating from the UConn School of Social Work has been working with underprivileged individuals struggling with persistent psychiatric and addiction challenges with extensive legal histories.

Memorable Moment at the SSW: "My time at UConn SSW was both a rewarding and valuable experience. Serving those without a voice has been a theme in my career, and UConn was the driving force that propelled me in the direction of my mission."




Alumna Sevasti Galanis '19 MSW