Month: June 2024

Client Affect Management: Helpful Tools for Success

Donald deGraffenried, LCSW
Friday, July 19, 2024 – in-personRegister Now for CE programs
9 am – 4:30 pm
6 CECs

Registration Fee: $150
10% discount for UConn SSW Alumni and current SSW Field Instructors

Client Affect Management involves working with your client to learn and practice specific relaxation skills that help with stress management and contribute to an increase in resiliency and coping. The goal is to help the client with a reduction of anxiety, an increase in self-esteem and an increased ability to be proactive in the management of personal distress.

Using an Ericksonian perspective, this seminar will draw from his successful techniques of introducing “state change” into the client’s perspective. The program is designed to provide clinicians with training and practice with proven Affect Management tools. These tools are structured to reduce client distress, increase positive states and engage a solution building process. Techniques include One Stone, Diaphragmatic Breathing, Healing Light Visualization, An Enhanced Safe Place and Heart Math.

These tools are appropriate for all age levels and will have direct application for practitioners working in community mental health, nonprofit agencies and private practice settings.

At the conclusion of this seminar, participants will:

  • learn a one-minute relaxation tool and be able to teach it to clients
  • be able to describe the core elements of positive affirmations
  • learn Seven Basic Principle’s for success with clients
  • have an opportunity to practice Affect Management tools
  • be able to identify which tool(s) to use and when to use them in their practice with clients

2024 BSW & MSW Scholarship Recipients

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the School of Social Work is able to offer a number of scholarship opportunities to our BSW and MSW students each academic year. These scholarships not only help students meet their financial obligations but also recognize their academic achievements and contributions to the social work profession. Congratulations to our scholarship recipients!

BSW Awards

Donna Millette-Fridge Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Donna Millette-Fridge by the School of Social Work in recognition of her commitment to helping the mentally ill become self-sufficient.

BSW Scholarship Recipient Andrea Churchill

Andrea Churchill, Bachelor of Social Work

My education here has been amazing and I look forward to continuing my graduate studies here for the 2024-2025 year. Being a social work major, my internship experience has really helped me put what I have learned in the classroom into real-life scenarios. Without this internship, I would not be ready for a career in the field, and I know that UConn makes a great connection with the classes offered and internship sites. As a non-traditional student coming back to school at 38 years old, I have to worry about household bills like my mortgage, utilities, and car payment, along with a job, classes and field placement. This scholarship helps me immensely to relieve some of the stress associated with school-related costs.



Raymond and Mary Borecki Buck Endowed Scholarship Fund

Mary Borecki Buck is an UConn School of Social Work alumna committed to supporting the education of future generations of social workers. This scholarship, created by Mary and her late husband, Raymond, will provide financial support to a student enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Work program.

Jessica Banning, Bachelor of Social Work

I enrolled at the UConn School of Social Work at the age of 41. The cohort model of learning pushed me to engage with my peers and become comfortable asking questions. I work a full-time job doing case management for a local non-profit organization and wrapped up an internship with the East Hartford Police Department's Crisis Intervention Division. The instructors in the BSW program are patient, understanding and compassionate. There was never a period in my experience as a student that I felt alone. I am able to align myself with people who share similar values, who respect difference, and share ideas openly. I would like to say thank you for encouraging me to keep going forward!

2024 BSW Scholarship Recipient Shania Shealey

Shania Shealey, Bachelor of Social Work

UConn has been such a great experience for me! I've been able to grow into the person I always wanted to be in a short period. I'm a first-generation college student in my family and it's been an honor to be blessed with the opportunity. What makes me proud to be part of UConn is the friendships I have made since starting UConn, from the wonderful professors and faculties who have taught me such valuable lessons, to the classmates that have been there for me during hard times. It has brought me joy to be around others who have the same values, beliefs, and thoughts as me. Thank you for having faith in me to receive this scholarship. You have given me a huge boost to continue my education as I begin my Master's program in the fall of 2024.

MSW Awards

Charlotte M. Kinlock Endowment Fund in Social Work

Established by Charlotte M. Kinlock, graduate of the school and adjunct faculty member. This award provides financial assistance to a student in a field placement working on LGBTQIA+ issues and provides financial support to school-sponsored organizations and activities that promote an understanding of LGBTQIA+ issues.

Kallan Doyon, Individual, Groups and Families concentration

Dr. Adelaide Sandler Master of Social Work Student Support Fellowship

MSW Scholarship Recipient Angela Rossi

Angela Rossi, Policy Practice concentration

When I was accepted into the MSW program for the Spring 2022 semester, I cried. UConn made me realize I belong in all spaces and my voice matters. There are two classes that I have taken in my time at UConn that really changed my perspectives of the world: The first was NURS 2175: Global Politics of Childbearing and Reproduction as an undergrad with Dr. Thomas Long. The second was during my MSW program: BASC 5300 with Dr. Gio Iacono. Without these classes, I feel I would not have found my path in political advocacy and becoming a Political Social Worker. This award let me work one less day a week which allowed me to go to my internship at the Connecticut General Assembly with Rep. Jillian Gilchrest, and to network with legislators and lobbyists and community advocates.

Dr. Albert Alissi School of Social Work Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Albert S. Alissi, faculty emeritus, to provide financial assistance to a student conducting group work practice.

2024 MSW Scholarship Recipient Julia Demichelle

Julia Demichele, Individuals, Groups, and Families concentration

I am most appreciative of my experience in Puerto Rico with the Social Work in Puerto Rico course last summer. I learned so much about how social work is done differently in Puerto Rico and the many implications this has for us as social workers in the states. My entire understanding of myself as a future micro practitioner was flipped upside down and I saw how imperative it is for macro social work to inform everything I do. I want to share my gratitude for the generosity of the scholarship donor. With the financial support, I have been able to pick up less overtime shifts at work and attend more university events, immerse myself in readings, and connect with peers and colleagues.

Esther R. Pahl Fellowship for Social Work Excellence

Esther Pahl is a 1952 graduate of the School of Social Work. She credits her UConn social work education for her long and meaningful career caring for others. She established this scholarship to provide meaningful support to a student in need with an interest in working in a mental health setting.

Luis Gonzalez, Individuals, Groups, and Families concentration

I'm proud to be a UConn Husky because I know whatever route I choose, I have support from my professors, advisors and peers whenever I need guidance. I am most appreciative of the internships that UConn provides. I would tell the scholarship donor that I am very grateful for the opportunity for my voice to be heard. As a first-generation Latino student, I am honored to be chosen and because of you, I am able to lessen my financial burdens and finish off my graduate program stronger. I thank you for seeing my resilience as a grad student, and I would love to pay it forward in the future so I can make the same impact.

Laura Gordon, Individuals, Groups, and Families concentration

I have truly been overwhelmed by the amount of support in both undergraduate and graduate studies for nontraditional students like myself who are also parents. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to receive such a generous scholarship. As a mother and a student, I am constantly working on financial balance. This scholarship award has allowed me to take a breath and focus on my work, to ensure that I have the tools for success like books, supplies, access to a parking pass and childcare when needed; to be able to go above and beyond and expand my knowledge in my area of study through additional books and seminars. This is truly an amazing gift and I have ensured that it will support my growth in social work.

Frank V. Carollo Scholarship Fund

Mr. Frank Carollo was a 1953 graduate of the UConn School of Social Work who worked part-time while attaining his education. He established this scholarship to assist students who find it necessary to work to supplement their living expenses while attending school.

Monique Asselin, Individuals, Groups and Families concentration

Sarah Babbs, Individuals, Groups and Families concentration

I am proud of the School's focus on combining the macro and micro lens to educate integrated social workers. I am appreciative of the academic opportunities I have had as a student, in particular courses focused on systemic injustice and social change, health inequities and disability justice, and for the internship opportunity. Working on an adult inpatient psychiatric unit has given me ample opportunities to learn about clinical systems, trauma-focused care, and how systems of oppression affect individuals on a daily basis. Thank you for your generosity in recognizing the value in our work as MSW students, and choosing to offer those of us who must work while in school the opportunity to have some breathing room financially.

Andrea Calderon, Individuals, Groups and Families concentration

Ruthliann Carmona, Individuals, Groups and Families concentration

UConn has connected me to an internship that provided me with important hands-on practice and has revitalized my passion for social work. Thank you so much for your generous donation. Receiving my MSW has been my goal for the past four years since I decided I wanted to pursue a career in school social work. Throughout my educational career, I have had to work a part-time job to provide for my basic needs. Being awarded this scholarship allows me a certain level of flexibility in which I can focus more on school without having to make sacrifices in other parts of my life. I am thankful to the donor and to UConn for being chosen for this scholarship and the opportunities it brings.

Krista Ferrelli, Individuals, Groups and Families concentration

Being a single mom and a student has had many challenges during my college career, so I am very grateful for this scholarship! Only being able to work two days a week because of my unpaid internship three days a week has made things tough, so I am happy beyond belief to receive this. One of the things I am most appreciative for at UConn has been my internship experience at the Root Center for Advanced Recovery because I want to work with people who have substance use disorder and I am learning a lot here. Thank you for your kindness and for helping me and the other students at UConn. It means a lot to me because help to reduce my student loan is wonderful!

2024 MSW Scholarship Recipient Tanaja Harris

Tanajah Harris, Individuals, Groups, and Families concentration

I love the close community that I have experienced at UConn School of Social Work. I am most appreciative of the internship opportunities that have been offered to me. By being able to get the experience of working closely in mental health and substance use communities, my eagerness to get out there and begin contributing to this population has only grown. I would like to tell my scholarship donor that I am beyond grateful to have been a recipient of this award! You have no idea how much this means to me and how much this award will impact my life and current financial struggles. You have blessed me with the opportunity to lift a great deal of weight off of my shoulders.

Roshae Harrison, Individuals, Groups and Families concentration

The people at the UConn School of Social Work are open, loving and accepting. I am most appreciative for my internship with The Bridge Family Center. It has only confirmed that my educational journey has been well spent. If I had a chance to thank a scholarship donor in person, I would thank them for their contribution and kindness. Their donation allows people like me to have a better opportunity to finish college with a less worry about debt. I come from an immigrant family, who only had a dollar in their pocket and a dream. Scholarships and loans have allowed me to attend college and go after my own dreams that may one day help repay my parents for all the sacrifices they have made.

2024 MSW Scholarship Recipient Katrina Hummel

Karina Hummel, Individuals, Groups and Families concentration

I am most appreciative for my internship with CCGC North Star IOP through UConn. I would not have gotten the extensive experience in a clinical placement and seeing the impact through the kids without it. I have gotten the opportunity to learn and work on my practicing skills by providing daily group therapy, individual therapy and family therapy. I have loved working with the family system and connecting with school social workers in order to best provide for the child. I am beyond grateful for receiving this scholarship. As a master's student balancing education, an internship and work throughout, is a major relief. It's hard to put into words the feeling of pure joy and relief when I received this scholarship.

Lorena Martinez, Individuals, Groups and Families concentration

MSW Scholarship Recipient Gage Murphy

Gage Murphy, Individuals, Groups, and Families concentration

What excites me most about UConn is the opportunity to connect and network with other students in real time in order to grow as an aspiring social worker. I am most appreciative of the incredible internship opportunity I have had this year. I have had the opportunity to work directly under a licensed social worker and carry my own caseload, lead a variety of groups with another intern, and get involved in a number of projects aimed at providing better care to clients at the practice. Receiving this award serves as a beacon of hope and encouragement, reminding me that my contributions and dedication to the field of social work are valued and recognized. It motivates me to advocate for those who are marginalized and strive to create positive change in our communities.

Juliana Servetnick, Individuals, Groups and Families concentration

The UConn School of Social Work has been so welcoming and supportive. My professors have made me think critically and fueled my passion for social work. While interning has been difficult to balance, it has been an inexhaustible source of knowledge and experience. I am so thankful to my internship placements (Connecticut Children's Medical Center and Pinnacle Behavioral Health) and incredible supervisors for guiding my growth. I want to thank the Frank V. Carollo Scholarship Fund for their generous donation to my education. The funds are a massive help for me as I navigate my graduate education with an internship while working full-time.

MSW Scholarship Recipient Arriana Skelcher

Arianna Skelcher, Individuals, Groups & Families concentration

I am truly grateful for the enriching academic journey I've had at UConn. The professors here genuinely care about their students' success and wholeheartedly support them throughout the entire semester. My internship has given me the gift of experience, but also connection. Having the opportunity to form meaningful connections with the children I work with and positively impact their lives is truly incredible. As a first-generation college student, receiving this scholarship is truly heartwarming. My journey has been marked with unwavering determination, building a life from humble beginnings. Balancing two jobs, full-time schooling and an internship has been challenging, yet I wouldn't alter a single aspect because I am wholeheartedly pursing my dreams.

Naiela Suleiman, Individuals, Groups and Families concentration

Carlos Velazquez, Community Organizing concentration

I am most thankful for my time spent in classes, conducting research, studying, and discussing ideas with amazing minds and critical thinkers. I am also grateful for the ability to complete an internship within the East Hartford community and to connect with so many passionate individuals in this field. I am incredibly grateful for being selected for the Frank V. Carollo scholarship fund, one of my proudest life accomplishments. It is a privilege and honor to receive this scholarship. I hope to emulate the good work accomplished by Mr. Carollo throughout his career as a clinical social worker and meet my clients with the same passion, care, and attentiveness to their needs. It is a great honor to receive this scholarship and I hope to continue Mr. Carollo's legacy in the field of social work.

Corey Zemke '24 MSW

Corey Zemke, Individuals, Groups and Families concentration

I am most appreciative of the opportunity to study in Germany to focus on the implications the Holocaust had on Social Work Practice. Not only have I always wanted to travel to Germany but have always had an interest in the Holocaust. I would never have had the opportunity to learn from German Social Workers and indulge myself in the culture and learning that is presented. I am incredibly appreciative of this scholarship. Working full time outside of school is very challenging and to have some cost of school offset is a big relief. I now feel I can focus more on my studies without worry of my next meal and/or paying for books/tuition. This scholarship makes me feel seen and understood as a working student.

CJK Dragonfly Social Work Fellowship

The CJK Dragonfly Social Work Fellowship was established to provide financial support to Master of Social Work students who are completing a practicum placement providing mental health services.

Ariana Brasman, Individuals, Groups and Families concentration

I am proud to be part of a growing number of people who are looking to serve those less fortunate and help create the bridge to finding available resources and getting the help they need. I appreciate both internships I’ve held as they have given me a greater perspective into what the community needs are and how they differ across cities. It gives me greater insight into struggles with domestic violence, homelessness and substance use. I would like to say thank you for helping me cover the cost of my bills in particular rent and electric. It helped me feel some breathing room to focus more on school and my internship.

Dr. Julio Morales Jr. Fellowship Endowment

Established in honor of Dr. Julio Morales Jr., retired professor, Dean of Students, and founder of the Puerto Rican and Latin@ Studies Project, the Fellowship provides financial support to an MSW student who demonstrates a commitment to engaging in outreach programs in the Latino community and has, or will have, completed their field education practicum in the Latino community. Preference given to students who are fluent in both English and Spanish.

Jaileene Arriaga, Individuals, Groups and Families concentration

F. Louise Boatman Scholarship Fund

The F. Louise Boatman Scholarship Fund was established to provide financial support for students enrolled at UConn School of Social Work.

Kate Hickie, Community Organizing concentration

Ivor J. Echols Endowment Fund

Friends and colleagues of the late Dr. Ivor J. Echols, faculty member and prominent member of the African American community, established this award in her honor on her retirement.

Hailie Percy-Campbell, Individuals, Groups, and Families concentration

Mary Deane-Scalora Endowment Fund

This scholarship was established in memory of Mary Deane-Scalora, MSW, by her family to provide financial assistance to a master’s level student with demonstrated interest in working with or for the advancement of the poor in a social services agency or educational institution.

MSW Scholarship Recipient Olivia LaCasse

Olivia LaCasse, Individuals, Groups, and Families concentration

UConn offers so many opportunities for learning and growth within my field, and its ability to connect us to agencies in the state that help us flourish as social workers is unique to the school's reputation and investment in the community. The program's focus on macro and micro-level social work is vital in my competence and world view. My field placement experience was daunting at first but has only honed my confidence in my abilities and fit in my career choice. Hands-on experience is an invaluable tool in becoming the best social worker I can be.

Mary Porter Wright and John Wright Fellowship in Social Work

Mary Porter Wright is an alumna from UConn School of Social Work.

2024 MSW Scholarship Recipient Madison Zuckerman

Madison Zuckerman, Individuals, Groups, and Families concentration

I am most appreciative of my research experience at UConn, as I believe that is what propelled me forward into not only having a better understanding of my passions and interests, but also set me up for success for graduate school and my career beyond. I am going to school to be a social worker, to be someone who can help lift others up, help them work through their traumas, fears, relationships, and other challenges. I take the importance of this work extremely seriously, and it is a goal of mine to continue working towards being the best clinician I can be. Knowing I have a chance to shift my focus away from financial stress, and instead focus on helping others, my true passion, is a blessing.

Mary Ellen and John D. Killeen Master of Social Work Scholarship Fund

Mary Ellen Killeen is a School of Social Work graduate who established this fund to provide financial support for students enrolled in the Master’s of Social Work program.

Kevin Champagne, Individuals, Groups and Families concentration

MSW Scholarship Recipient Evelyn Perez

Evelyn Perez, Community Organizing concentration

What excites me is being a part of this UConn Nation. Since I moved from Peru to Connecticut I always dreamed of being part of this university and I fulfilled my dreams by doing my BSW and MSW. I am proud to be a student at UConn not just because of the quality of education but their mission for students to be ethical, spiritual and responsible citizens. Also, I am proud of the values I learned. Doing my internship helped me interact with many organizations and meet professional people who helped me develop professionally. Thank you very much for helping me and giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams.

Miriam Silverman Memorial Scholarship

The Miriam Silverman Memorial Scholarship was established in her memory by her husband and friends to provide financial support to students in need.

Faith Armah, Individuals, Groups, and Families concentration

Murry Shapiro Endowed Scholarship Fund

Paul Shapiro, a retired assistant attorney general and former Mayor of Mansfield, Connecticut, established the Murry Shapiro Scholarship in memory of his late father, a former member of the Group Work faculty who taught at the School of Social Work.

Sarah Gunn, Individuals, Groups, and Families concentration

I am extremely proud to be a part of the UConn community. There is a reason our school is so well-known across the country. It is an amazing school with high-quality programs that prepare students for their future. I appreciate the many opportunities that UConn provides to help support students in academics and other areas of need. I have been fortunate enough to receive multiple scholarships through the school which have helped me purchase textbooks and school supplies. I am extremely grateful that I was offered this scholarship, which will help me through my final semester. This generous donation will ease my financial stress so that I am able to focus on my studies and finish my degree with a successful semester.

Nancy Tarr Berdon Fund

The family of Nancy Tarr Berdon established this award in memory of Tarr Berdon, a noted professional social worker in the New Haven area committed to working with the poor.

Fernando Valenzuela, Individuals, Groups, and Families concentration

Peter Petrella Fellowship for the School of Social Work

The Peter Petrella fund supports fellowships for incoming or continuing graduate students enrolled full-time in the School of Social Work. Students may be incoming or continuing and must demonstrate academic achievement. Priority will be given to students who demonstrate financial need.

2024 MSW Scholarship Recipient Kyla Kelley

Kyla Kelley, Individuals, Groups, and Families concentration

Having lived in Connecticut my entire life, I find it incredibly exhilarating to be a part of a nationally recognized program that is known for its rigorous standards. The combination of small class sizes, extensive internship options and high level of student support creates a comprehensive educational experience that goes beyond the classroom. It not only equips me and my peers with the necessary knowledge and skills but also nurtures personal growth and professional development. I am truly grateful for these aspects of the program, as they contribute to a well-rounded and enriching educational journey. If given the chance to express my gratitude to the scholarship donor, I would emphasize just how deeply appreciative I am to have been chosen as a recipient of this prestigious award.

Shirley & Howard Dickstein Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was established by Shirley and Howard Dickstein to assist students with their expenses while attending school.

Joyce Lopes, Individuals, Groups & Family Practice concentration

Alyssa Sullivan, Individuals, Groups & Family Practice concentration

As an MSW student, I have greatly appreciated my field placements. My interests and input were taken into consideration during the placement process, and I was lucky to be placed in two excellent agencies were I have gained valuable experience in the field. Furthermore, I am so appreciative of the professors. I have had some excellent teachers who are both knowledgeable in content and bring practice experience to their position. This scholarship will help in covering the various expenses that come with graduate education, from tuition and fees to textbooks to the cost of commuting. It has been challenging to balance the demands of a full-time course load, field hours and employment. The financial assistance and peace of mind this generous donation provides is very appreciated.

Celebrating Juneteenth 2024

Dear Colleagues,

The Juneteenth holiday, which UConn will observe on Wednesday, June 19, commemorates the day in 1865 when the Union army delivered the news that the last community of enslaved Americans in Galveston, Texas, were free. Long recognized as a day of celebration by the African American community, Juneteenth became a holiday in the state of Connecticut in 2023.

At the UConn School of Social Work, observing Juneteenth is a part of our mission to advance social justice and anti-racism. A core component of our five-year Strategic Plan is a commitment to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism (DEI-AR). Our administration, faculty and staff have been working hard to meet our DEI-AR goals in all areas, including research and scholarship, teaching and learning, practicum education, and emerging areas of social work.  Our commitment to DEI-AR as a school of social work will not waiver, even as these values face backlash.

To hold ourselves accountable to this important work, we conducted listening sessions with students, staff and faculty this year and established a new committee structure to oversee our DEI-AR efforts. We have also provided presentations, workshops and trainings focused on key topics such as anti-racist supervision, Black contributions to social work, and a Diversity Seminar, among other strategic outcomes.

On this Juneteenth, let’s reflect on both the history and the work ahead with our values as social workers as our guide to fostering anti-racism at our school and in the communities we serve.

Laura Curran
Dean and Professor

Graphic with black, red, green and yellow colors and the words "June 19 Juneteenth Freedom Day"