AI Can Positively Impact Mental Health

By: Loan Nguyen

Lack of Self-Awareness

  • AI can assist people to become more aware of mental health needs and seek professional help
  • Apps used to track exercise, food intake, etc. can also be used to track behavioral patterns and send message to userabout concerns, changes in behavior, etc. (frequency and duration of calls, texts to others)

Lack of resources

  • Access to resources via internet or smartphone
  • Close treatment gap in accessing high quality mental health care (evident during Pandemic and provided support to those experiencing isolation, depression, anxiety, etc.)

Social Stigma

  • Reduce social stigma through use of virtual mental health therapists (BetterHelp, Talkspace, Talkiatry) or chatbots
  • Preferences for avoiding human to human interaction

Clinical Settings

  • Use of ChatGPT to draft chart documentation with review by licensed provider
  • ChatGPT as tool to create templates and allow for clinical personalization during psychotherapy sessions and help to reduce cognitive load and time spent on documentation