Honoring Arab American Heritage Month

From the Office of Dean Heller

Dear Colleagues,

April is Arab American Heritage Month, an opportunity for the School of Social Work and the University to celebrate the cultures and achievements of Arab American communities. Nearly 4 million Arab Americans can trace their roots to 22 countries across the Middle East and North Africa. Despite a history of exclusion, today, Arab Americans reside in all 50 states, representing a wide range of faiths, races, and languages. In 2021, President Joe Biden officially recognized April as National Arab American Heritage Month.

Highlighting this occasion is part of the School of Social Work’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism. We stand in staunch opposition to all forms of systemic racism, including policies and practices that oppress our Arab American neighbors. As a school community, we are called to promote teaching, scholarship, and community/professional action that reflects this commitment to justice. The Code of Ethics for our profession emphasizes the inherent dignity and worth of the person, and in that spirit, we will work to ensure a sense of belonging for Arab Americans throughout our school and campus community.

Please join me in commemorating Arab American Heritage Month! Learn more here.

In solidarity,

Nina Rovinelli Heller, PhD
Dean and Professor
Zachs Chair in Social Work